17 Mai 2012

German Open Task 1: 72km around 4 tp

 Yes it was cold today, but at least we could fly! Take off was late (I got off at 2.25pm), because the wind on launch was from the back much of the time, so we had to wait.
The rigids went first and had an 82km task to fly. 4 of them made goal, Dieter Müglich won the day, followed by Toni Raumauff and Tim Grabowski.
I was quite happy after some good air for a perfect launch and also a nice little thermal. My old LS 3,5s with the brand new sail flies great, straight and sweet, just a handful more in handling than the RX3 that I unfortunately can´t fly in this comp as it is not certified yet. Also Bob is not allowed to compete with the RX 3,5, and two German Wills Wing pilots are also not admitted. Of course, the discussions started even before the comp, we might see a protest - Davis would love it!
But back to the flight. I got up at the perfect time for the first start gate and flew straight to the first turnpoint rather than diving back towards Tegelberg what the "guns" did. Meanwhile, Natalia and I rounded the first turnpoint at Buching even before Manfred Ruhmer! At least the first 15 or so minutes of the comp, I was in the lead of the whole field ;) But there was quite a bit of headwind, so the guys caught up pretty fast.
After a nice flight to Edelsberg, the 2nd turnpoint, it got a bit more difficult to get out to the flatlands for the 3rd turnpoint. I tried to stay high and was a bit slow, but it looks like I got into goal 7th or 8th overall. Manfred Ruhmer won the day, followed by Jörg, I dont know yet who is 3rd.
Weather looks iffy for tomorrow, a bit better for Saturday and Sunday.

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