03 Oktober 2010

Going to Tucson

I could not make enough time to fly to Australia and compete in Canungra this year - their weather forecast looks pretty grim, the first day yesterday was cancelled due to rain, and there is more on the weather chart... they are thinking about postponing it to March - I would love that idea, maybe a chance to get back to my friends in Canungra and fly with them?
Instead I will go to the dry desert. No cloud in sight in Tucson/Arizona for the next few days, just sun and heat. Beautiful! I will meet Guido and watch him fly the new little toy - the James Bond BD-5 jet. After some introduction flights, they are going to disassemble it and send it over to Salzburg, where it will be set up again in the Hangar 7. This cute jet is so fast and small that you barely see it! When you hear it, it has already gone past you.
Maybe also a chance to meet Felix and see how his Stratosphere-project is working out? Or briefly see Kraig for an interview? So many things to do...

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