08 Oktober 2010


We had a great last day yesterday, preparing the BD-5 for the long trip over to Europe. Guido enjoyed the last flight in Arizona very much, his smile stayed in the air long time after he left. Check out the first film about the BD-5 flights here.
When I was checking out the area, I thought of Dustin Martin, one of the best US hang glider pilots. He always puzzled me because he was wearing big knee pads when flying, like what you would wear for inline skating. His answer was, "Where I come from, everything has THORNS." I knodded, not really understanding what he meant. Now that Ive seen his home turf Arizona, I know EXACTLY what he was talking about. Even the smallest bush has prickles, the huge cactuses are everywhere, sporting big thorns... how can you ever go cross country here? Even Guido said he never dared to try (hang or paragliding). So Dustin, years later I finally get your point ;)

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