21 September 2010

The perfect wing

If the wind is too strong for hang-or paragliding, there are other toys, and Ecki quickly got them up the mountain. It was fun trying to fly this wing - Ecki has already mastered it, while it looked like wild, uncontrollable aerobatics when I tried to steer it ;)
The northerly was howling first, and it didn´t look too promising for flying, but then the wind died down and we were finally able to take off from Kronplatz. It had rained a lot on Saturday, the lift was very weak, so I could not fly over to Sand to join Alex, Guido and Regina at the flying day.
No more comps here in northern Europe this year, but they just finished the Santa Cruz Flats in Arizona. Congratulations to Kraig Coomber for winning that great comp after 7 tasks, Jonny Durand came 2nd and Carl Wallbank 3rd. Moyes rules!

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