24 Oktober 2010

Sao Paulo

And while Konrad Heilmann is up north chasing records in Ceara, I had plenty of work with me on my short trip to Sao Paulo, really interesting new projects. I was preparing a presentation for our annual DHV meeting in November, when suddenly Guido stood next to me - he had a longer stay as he is flying from Munich, so he had brouhgt his girl-friend along for a holiday. We both left on Saturday, but our flight was about 1,5 hrs later than Guidos, and even though he was in an A340 and we were in the faster 747, we could not catch up with them ;) good to meet friends far away from home.
I wish I could come back to Sao Paulo in a few weeks for the F1 Grand Prix - they had a race today in South Korea with a lot of rain, and it was looking good for Sebastian Vettel in pole position at first. It broke my heart to see Sebastians motor bust in the 45th round, he fell back to 4th rank overall. Still a chance for the title, don´t give up, magic happens, I keep my fingers crossed!

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