18 Oktober 2010

a-ha concert in Munich tonight

After having come back from Arizona, I went to the Dolomites, just for a day, with my friend Regina. This time, we had a professional outdoor photographer, Florian Wagner, with us. As the weather was dreadful on the northern side of the alps (too much wind and fog), we decided to go south and were rewarded with a perfect day. We met Alex Ploner in the morning, picked up his friend Alex who supported Florian as a tandem paraglider pilot to take photos from us in the air, and set up at Sella Pass. Tough for hang glider pilots to carry up and set up on the steep hill, but then I started right into a thermal, the crystal clear air took us up to about 3400m, and we kept attacking the photographer in the tandem glider until his memory card was full. Just one picture for a first taste here ;)
You will see the result in the "Fit for Fun" magazine in a few months!
Different world on the next day - a training day in Frankfurt airport, then on Thursday I flew to Bangalore (working). Our Captain was Thilo Wendel who had been flying paragliders in the German league a while ago and had been the Hessenmeister in sport class several times too. Unfortunately, the wind in Bangalore was up to 30 knots in 1500m, so way too windy for us to go flying the Nandi hills. Maybe next time?
Back in Munich for a couple of days, I will go to the first of the last a-ha concerts in Germany tonight. Time is rushing at the moment, tomorrow I already have to work again - at least it will take me out of the rain and cold.

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