13 Mai 2008

...more flying: 241 FAI

Yesterday we had another epic day at Hochfelln. The day started early, I took off at 10.30 am with the first cus forming above our heads. It worked well for me, I flew from thermal to thermal and entered Pinzgau at noon already. Looked like a really big day! Coming back from Gerlos pass, my team mate Ute had also made it into Pinzgau and we flew together for about 60 kms, along beautiful mountains. And the radio worked perfectly! So nice to fly with friends.
Ute made her longest flight ever, she happily landed back home after 160 km FAI! And when I checked my flight that night, it was... 241 FAI, a nearly perfect triangle. Another 7 hours of flying, great training. About 27 hours in 4 days of flying - this season is incredible and just wont stop! Today I had to work unfortunately, but my friend Peter flew another 275 km FAI and is now leading the German XC Cup. Im placed 4th overall, which is better than I ever expected. But it is only the start of the season - I guess now people aim at 300 km FAI triangles, this season is crazy. Even the paragliders all fly more than 200 kms from Hochfelln, my home mountain. Now 6 days in a row! Omega weather patterns are exhausting ;)
On the picture you see Günther Porath to my left and Peter Achmüller to my right, they flew 275 kms and 285 kms on that day. For days they´ve been chasing each other around the alps, always trying to cover more distance. The race has only just started, and they already have way more points than after the whole season last year: dhv-xc

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