21 Mai 2008

...just in time!

After a tough work trip to Orlando (due to delay we spent 14 hours on board on the way there, only had 18 hours in Orlando and went back after that), I was superhappy to see rain at home. It meant that I didnt have to race to the Hessenmeisterschaft in Greifenburg. Finally some time to pack things, to get ready - and to find some sleep!
I only arrived last night, just in time to fly the first comp task today. The furthest guy went 35 km on a rigid wing, Oli made about 30km, and I had to land after 20km, with a cloudbase barely above take off. Hopefully tomorrow we will see more sun again.
We had a barbecue tonight and Klaus Staubach gave Oli the silver cup of honour of the Hessische Luftsportbund, the highest honour for all his successful flying over the last decade.
Also Walter Schurr is here, the guy who taught me cross country flying long time ago, also here in Greifenburg. One of the best pilots I ever met - and a Lufthansa A320 captain!

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Rebi hat gesagt…

Hi Corinna! Ich bin grad beim Tegelberg. Hier regnets zwar noch,aber Morgen solls besser werden,dann komm ich ja vielleicht auch mal wieder in die Luft! Bis dahin hab ich spaß mit Regina! Ich wünsch dir viel Glück in Greifenburg!!!