03 Mai 2008

Austrian Nationals Day 2

Today we flew 138km around 3 turnpoints. Well I have to say, about 15 people flew the task. I only made 105 km and landed in the shade. We went west to Hochsteinhaus first, then a long way east, and on the way the clouds kept spreading out. Oh and yes, if you are reading this Mr OzReport, we had a northerly wind and quite a bit of rough air sometimes.
The route was very scenic, leading us across the Dolomites of Lienz into Gailtal. Also lots of different ways led to goal today. Friesi was first in again, followed by Walter Maier and Andre Djamarani was first German in goal. Last pilot into goal was Jörg. About 15 made goal they guess, still a big number for a difficult day.
Lets hope that conditions stay stable as they were, because to our east, the prediction is for storms tomorrow.
And yes, I like Magnolias!

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Zippy hat gesagt…

Corrina, it's Zac (US pilot, we met at Canungra).

I'm coming over for the Pre-Worlds and have a question about travelling on Lufthansa. Could you please email me?

Talk to you soon,