09 Mai 2008

How to cure jet lag...

After the Austrian nationals, we arrived in Munich late at night, got up at 6 the next morning because I had to go to Frankfurt for work. The flight to Tokyo was about 11 hours, then we had 22 hours in the city before going back early next morning. I arrived wednesday evening in Munich and already knew it had been a big day for xc, cloud streets everywhere. And sure, the 200 and 300+km flights were posted in the evening.
No way around it, I had to go flying on Thursday and cure my jet lag in the air. Get a lot of fresh oxygen, great sights of high mountains, exciting thermals - a glorious day, nearly 7 hour flight and- my first 200km FAI-Triangle! today we will try again, so more details later, when the weather changes...

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winDfried hat gesagt…

Congratulation Corinna,
that http://xc.dhv.de/xc/modules.php?name=leonardo&op=show_flight&flightID=36695
was a very nice flight !
Nearly 200 km, also entering the FAI triangle pricing from the DFC Achental.
You chose the high Tauern mountains instead of the grassy slopes of the "Pinzgauer Spaziergang", brave, Well done !