11 Mai 2008

142 FAI with Pinzgauer Spaziergang

I felt I was a bit tired after two days with 14 flying hours and 400 kms. Yet it looked good again, so Peter and I went to Hochfelln to try again. I was incredibly lucky that Gundram wanted to have some training and carried my glider up to take off - I had to save energy for the flight.
As it turned out, conditions at Hochfelln were very difficult to begin with. A lot of paraglider pilots and a few hangglider pilots faught about the few meters of height. Flying out low, I had a low save, but some people even landed in Ruhpolding already. The flight into the Pinzgau was not too difficult, yet the turbulence of the thermals was a lot stonger than the two days before. My reward was Pinzgau - I did the famous "Pinzgauer Spaziergang"- conditions were so perfect that I did not have to turn once for over 50 kms! From my first to the second turnpoint at Hundstein I just flew dolphin style, it was amazing.
Then I tried to get home and hit the not so amazing northeaster. When I landed close to Kitzbühel, it was blowing at about 40 kms/hr on the ground, so I chose the largest field I could find for my landing. So lucky that Peter was already at the car and picked me up.
Today the easterlies look even stronger, so I decided to have a rest day, catch up with everything that had to wait for a week.

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