18 Juli 2018

Saving Jörg!

It was an adventure to pick up Jörg on the 6th competition day. I had landed early and helped Carlo navigating to Jörg´s landing location. We were about 200m away, in a tiny village, surrounded by trees and high corn fields, wondering where it was possible to land.
We arrived at a farm house, to the left was a huge puddle of water and mud, to our right a very rugged looking dirt track. Maybe drivable in a tractor, not in a van. The old, traditionally dressed farm ladies closed the gate in front of us, we must have looked very sus. Thankfully a younger woman came out and asked us in English what we were looking for. I could pick immediately that she must have lived in Australia for a while (Melbourne, she said, and she´s just on a holiday home in Macedonia).
We had Jörg on the phone, sounding totally exhausted and desperate, "I´m surrounded by water, I can´t get out! Help me!"
They could not quite grasp what we meant by "flying in a hang glider from Krusevo and landing in a field behind their property", so we started wading through the mud and water currents. The farmer had a look at the location on my Iphone and immediately turned around, opening the gates for us. First thing he did - finding his rubber boots and putting them on! I was glad that Carlo and I wore just flip flops...
Then the farmer took us through some fields - onions, beans, potatoes, capsicum... then through a some water streams. We yelled out for Jörg and were happy when he finally answered.
The farmer helped carrying that huge thing out and took us back through the veggies - capsicum, potatoes, beans and onions. Then we happily presented our rescued team mate to the farm family and took some photos with them. Sure we were invited for coffee, but some storms were on the way, and we had to pick up Manni, one more guy about 45 minutes away, so we waved good-bye.

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