14 Juli 2018

European Championship Macedonia, opening and day 1

 Finally I get to write a few line to catch up on my blog. It´s been a rush to get from a work flight to the US back through Frankfurt, Munich, then to Ljubljana where I met Matjaz, then to Skopje where we got a taxi for the 2 hour ride to Krusevo. Thankfully our teams had already taken our gliders and harnesses.
I was in time for our big first team meeting, then registration in the evening. The next day I wanted to testfly my gear and check the place out, since I have never flown here before. But after the briefing, we heard thunder, and soon we raced to pack up our gliders before we were dumped with heavy rain. No test flight, oh well.
The first comp day started with low clouds. Almost no wind on take off made launch slow, a push was on but stopped before me. They didn´t realize that and hassled me out with counting down the 30 seconds anyhow.
The 102km task was won by Christian Ciech. I landed in a huge field and got picked up very quickly by our team assistant Luise! It was a great first impression of the mountains and flats in this area. A bit like Canungra.

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