17 Juli 2018

Day 3, 4 and 5: 124km, 123km and 160km

Conditions got a bit windier and made flying more interesting. Tasks went across the valley with goals at some huge airfields - best goal fields I have seen in a while!
While we are still trying to resolve some radio and communication problems in our team, Primoz totally recovered from his shock of having started half an hour early on the first day, flying on his own to goal - and scoring bombout points. He is back on track and took the last two day wins!
But Primoz is not just flying well, he also regularly updates us on the best climbs and tactics he can see out in front, so we have a better chance for our flights too. Plus he has his whole family including his cute, new baby boy here who waited for him at goal, greeting him for his day win! So amazing to have such an accomplished pilot as Primoz on the team!
He has written a great day report for our German Homepage on DHV.DE as well, you find a lot more photos and day reports there!
I was never the fastest one, but if there is any way to fly far, I can be quite tenacious and will keep trying until I run out of options. I flew five and a half hours on the 5th day, trying different ways to get to goal, before I finally ran out of thermal time. What a bonus to be able to score for our team a few times as well, I´m really happy if I can support the guys, no matter if in the air or on the ground, like helping to pick up Jörg on day 5. But that´s another whole fun story!

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