01 Juli 2018

And Junkers wins!

Thanks to all the teams and brave pilots who "flewcrashed" their objects into the river Weser today, it was an honour being allowed to judge you!
50000 spectators gathered for a great event, major logistics well done! Sorry for no earlier updates, but the phone network was at it´s limits I think! Hope you watched some of the show on the livestream.
My favourite wing, the Junkers plane, was the only one that covered some distance, won the event and the team got flights with Red Bull Air Race Champion Matthias Dolderer. Some wild g´s for them ;)
Due to cross wind gusts up to 40km/h, it was really difficult for some teams to even get to the front of the ramp!
Here you can see some of the teams. It was a pleasure to have you all in Bremen!

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