09 November 2014

Dune gooning

This morning, the big white cheeky birds came back for a quick breakfast. The wind was southeast, and Craig took me flying to the Longr
eef dunes. After I had a great introduction of ground handling in strong gusty winds at the Boneyards last year by Nils, I finally go to do my first real dune gooning flights today.
It felt great to hover like a seagull above the sand, wearing that silly grin you get when you are allowed to just play and fly and enjoy a perfect day!

In the evening, we met RT and Anton Brown with family - since the Red Bull giants of Rio, I had not met Anton who is originally from South Africa. It was great to catch up, enjoy dinner with good friends and the best views you can wish for. But the absolute highlight - mango and blueberries for dessert, I absolutely pigged out on that ;) Who ever had Australian mangoes will forgive me this not exactly Knigge-like behaviour...
Tomorrow I hope to meet up with Olli at some stage before I soon have to go back north to winter.

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