08 November 2014

Awesome day in Sydney

Where should I start? Many first of´s today for me - the cockatoos visited us for breakfast on the balcony, and I handfed them for the first time. They are such cheeky, funny creatures, it was a lot of fun to watch them, they are so playful!
Then I tried stand up paddling for the first time, and I almost got to the other shore dry... got too scared when some break came up and fell over and in ;) but it was a lot of fun anyway. Good arm training for flying! I just have to stop staring at the water I guess.
A nice flight in the afternoon, boating around in a Malibu at the Sydney´s northern beaches for the first time. It almost felt like meditation to soar the smooth, crispy clear sea breeze!
I always thought Im an eastern suburbs girl, but I must admit that there is some amazing beauty north of the bridge too ;)

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