20 Juni 2010

New York, Timezone UTC - 4

I finally arrived in Brooklyn yesterday - flight time only 7 hrs 20!!! and found the way over to meet my friend Nadja in New Jersey. She took me to the compound and media center this morning and told me about what happened in the Red Bull Air Race yesterday. Hannes Arch won the qualifying! And he is only 1 point behind Paul Bonhomme in the overall ranking, so it will be a major race for him today.
It started raining just some moments ago and I really hope that it will improve until they start at 1 pm... the air is hot and muggy, so it looks like we will see some storms. Yet we are optimistic to see the guys racing around the statue of Liberty here from Liberty state park soon. Yves is filming, so you will see some of that footage once we are back on Monday.

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