18 Juni 2010

Bavarian TV at Tegelberg Worlds

As we were bravely setting up our gliders on Tegelberg in the snow showers, Bavarian TV came to interview us on the toughest day. They made quite a long film that you can download if you click on the photo - there are different formates and I hope you enjoy the film even though it is only in German ;)
I´m already preparing my uniform and packing my suitcase again. Tomorrow I will hopefully escape from the rain - it has been raining since I got back from Philadelphia (where it was actually raining hard as well on Sunday) - and watch the Red Bull Air Race in New York. Looks like a perfect Sunday in NY, sunny and hot and perfect for flying. We are staying in Brooklyn now, I hope I don´t get lost on the way from Brooklyn to Jersey City ;)

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Katha hat gesagt…

Und schnuppdiwupp wirst Du zur elfmaligen Weltmeisterin ;-) Dabei finde ich viermalige Weltmeisterin auch schon ganz schön gut! LG, Katha