06 Juni 2010

The Alps, Timezone UTC + 2

Finally we got some great flying weather in the European alps, even if only for two days - it was a Saturday and Sunday, so a lot of friends could enjoy the sun and thermals.
I went to the pg Europeans on Friday to help the German team with interviews and films - congratulations to the winners and new European Champions Luca Donini and Petra Slivova!
Then I went to Greifenburg for the final day of Hessische Meisterschaft - congrats to Manfred Vaupel (best rigid), Pascal Andeopoulos (best flex with only 2 instead of 3 tasks!) and Andreas Schubert (head of Flugschule Wasserkuppe) who was best pg pilot overall again with a serial class glider.
I flew a nice triangle yesterday in Greifenburg and went to Hochfelln today, as my club DFC Achental organized the Chiemgau Pokal, a regional championship. At least I could contribute with my flight today, a nice FAI 157 km triangle, started in Germany. I flew into Pinzgau and met quite a lot of the pilots who just had the Austrian Championships at Schmittenhöhe - but I don´t know yet who won there.
When I put my flights into the online contest, I jumped up to 3rd place overall. It won´t be long before Giergl, the guy on 4th at the moment, puts his flight in and beats me again, I just have to enjoy being so high up in the ranking while Im there.
The weather is changing, at the moment there are storms coming in from the southwest, yet we might see some more epic days next week.

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Felicitaciones Corinna,Congratulations from Argentina.Gus