22 Juni 2010

Matt Hall: Superman!

At the Red Bull Air Race in New York, I met race pilot Matt Hall and we talked for a while. He started competing in the Air Race last year and finished as the best newcomer in 3rd place.
Matt is based in Mereweather (Newcastle, Australia), so of course I wondered if he ever tried hang gliding. I stayed with Conrad Loten in Matt´s neighbourhood for a while and sure enough, Matt is a hang glider pilot himself - he was taught by Ross Duncan! Even though Matt has flown anything from sail planes to military jets, he is still enthusiastic about hang gliding and he comes across as a very modest, likeable and down to earth guy. He was chased by the media in New York at the race, yet he still found some time for a chat with me. To Matt, it feels very natural to fly a hang glider, and in his first real flight he thought, "Superman!" EIf you click on the photo, you can watch our conversation on youtube. This is the first of our Air Race videos from Sunday, there will be more soon.
On the other photo, you see Matt talking with Kermit Weeks, owner of the Fantasy of Flight Museum in Polk City, Florida.

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