25 März 2010

Working for the Worlds

Yesterday I went to the DHV, our sports association, to keep working on the organization of the World Championship with my team mate Regina. On the photo, we just talked to Ute, our other team mate. She had made her first spring flight two days ago and was very happy that finally winter is over. So am I! A lot of sun out yesterday, so we were happy to receive the new adidas sunglasses for the new flying season. They are so nice we just had to wear them in the office already ;)
After some hours of DHV work with Klaus, Regina and Babsi, Regina and Primoz helped me to prepare my wing for the first comp in Bassano next week. Looks pretty fast, eh? Too bad that we have Foehn today, strong southerly winds, but that also brings hot temperatures to melt away the snow... I can´t wait to get airborne again and try this Moyes Machine ;)

2 Kommentare:

Gordon Rigg hat gesagt…

Hello Corrina
Sorry you didn't make it to Bassano. They had one fantastic day which the Brits said was worth the drive just for that...
In your glider you should have some extra bits which were for us.
We have to arrange some way to get them from you!
Gordon Rigg

Aseagull hat gesagt…

Cool, hast du einen neuen Flieger? :-) schade, warst du nicht in Bassano dabei..! Bis am Tegelberg - Lg