22 März 2010

Finding Nemo, Jeddah Timezone UTC + 3

After two work flights last night, we went out to the beach club again to adore the colourful fish. Today Nadine and Rebecca persuaded me to go a little further to see the anemone and "Nemo" - a little territorial clown fish lives there. The only problem - right next to that part of the reef I saw "le grand bleu" and panicked, hearing the jaws music.
With my heart beating fast and adrenalin rushing in, the other two came back and helped me, and in the end my curiosity won - those fish are just too pretty, so colourful and happy, and if I just concentrate really hard on all the beautiful colour and pattern details, I manage to keep my fear of water bearable. At least as long as I can float on top of the water.
We saw giltheads, puffer fish, a fire fish, and fluorescent orange and purple striped one I dont know. And a moray, scary thing. I was so glad that I had my Lizard Five Fingers shoes with me, so I don´t have to worry about the stone fish at the bottom of the stairs or about the sea urchins.
Nice shells in the sand everywhere, I guess Jamie will be here pretty soon ;)

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goocy hat gesagt…

Love the toe-y rubber shoes :)
And the water really looks amazing; at this sight I probably would have overcome my fear of water too.