12 März 2010

...and the Snow must go on! Munich, Timezone UTC +1

For a while we have been waiting for spring now, but with loads of new snow in Munich yesterday and the forecast for more on Saturday and Sunday, it will be a while before we can land on snow-free grounds, let alone take off. The guys at the Aeros Winter Race comp in Ajdovscina/ Slovenia experienced really strong wind on the first day, then extreme cold on the second, but it looks like they might get a task in today. I keep my fingers crossed for them and I really hope it will be warmer when we go to Bassano in two weeks!
Im already packing my suitcase again to escape to warmer terrain for a short precious time. I probably fly to Egypt and Saudi Arabia next week, it will be around 36 degrees there, very comfortable. And a little bit of sun again is good to prevent a winter cold.
Apart from that, we are busy preparing the World Championship at Tegelberg. Im still missing a few names on the entry list - if you know them, please contact Jenny Buck (GB), Laura Bazan (AR), Natalia Khamlova (RU), Virpi Niemenen (FI) and all the other girls you think should be flying there. It will be a safe and fun event and I hope to see a lot of my friends from all over the world. Every country can enter a team of 6 pilots this year, plus 4 pilots per nation can enter individually! Only the top 2 pilots will score for the team this time, so you should make sure that your country sends at least 2 pilots, and you have the full chance to win the team competition! It would be great to see really big teams from Russia, Japan and the US, as I know that there are a lot of really good female pilots. In Swift class, we already have 8 entries, so it will be a valid FAI 2 World Championship as well. Come on over, Robin Hamilton and Jonny Carr, it will be a civilized towing competition for your class!
You can register here: World Championship Tegelberg

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