05 März 2010

"Touch me..." Buenos Aires, Timezone UTC -4

What a birthday present! I worked on the flight to Buenos Aires this week to be able to go to the first a-ha concert of their "ending on a high note" tour. This morning I went training at the gym and met a copilot I knew and when I told him about my plan for the evening, he said that they brought the band and their crew over to Argentina on their flight. Choice I thought, and met another colleague of that crew - they had been invited to the concert but had to leave tonight (our stay here is really short), but she told me to enjoy the music and say hi to Morten. She had been absolutely thrilled to have been able to talk to the idols of our youth, and I envied her a little for that chance.
The concert was sold out, and the atmosphere at Luna Park was fantastic - a bit like at the soccer matches. And these Argentinians really sing well too, what a melodic audience! It was a mesmorizing show and a-ha's songs as beautiful as ever, with Morten's hypnotizing voice easily soaring up and down several octaves. I always feel like Im flying in the alps when I hear "Foot of the mountain" and of course "hunting high and low" (thinking of thermals...).
And now my Norwegian hanggliding friends will be very happy to hear that after the concert, a dream of my life came finally true when I was allowed to meet Morten and talk to him for a while. Choice! My knees were a bit insecure about the situation, I blame jet lag for it ;) Morten told me that they had just come from Asia so they got the full time warp hit with 13 hours difference, feeling upside down, yet Morten bravely had his photo taken with the group of Norwegian mountaineers, and me too. Sometimes it is a privilege not to be that famous I guess. But still with jet lag, they all look incredibly youthful, energetic and charismatic. Do Norwegians just have the genes, or do they sleep in ice beds to stop ageing? I have to ask Nils and Oyvind about that in Bassano...
When they led me out and the door opened, immediately thousands of cameras flashed and the girls started sceaming - like a reflex, I stepped back to hide... I never thought of the situation from that perspective, and at first sight, let me tell you it was a bit scary. Luckily we found a quiet side exit where i could just slip through and go home.
Looking back at the last four months, I think my karma likes me at the moment. With Hannes Arch, Felix Baumgartner, Sebastian Vettel, Mario Gomez, Prince Luitpold of Bavaria and now Morten Harket Ive been allowed to meet some of the most amazing personalities on the planet in a very short time.
Photos later when Im back in Germany, for the moment, you just have to use your fantasy and dream with me.

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Unknown hat gesagt…

hahahaha,wie Geil!Hast du ihm doch noch getroffen. Only the happy few get the most! Freut mich zu lesen das alles geklappt hat. Wie hast du das Treffen organisiert? Mit die Tourmanagerin?
Hoffentlich höre ich demnächst was von dir über Mexico. Fliege am Freitag hin, am Samstag hoffentlich nach Valle de Bravo. War ein tolle Layover mit dir! Bis bald, Bram