19 Juli 2007

The dream came true/Der Traumflug

So finally I get to write about the great flight from Sunday. At the moment, central Europe experiences a heat wave with extremely hot air that provides us with quite strong southwesterly winds and turbulent thermals. When I flew on Tuesday, I had to land near Koessen and hitchhike back to my car - good to have such a humbling trip after such an exciting long one on Sunday.
After the conditions in the northern Alps were already quite blue, slow and uncomfortable on Saturday, Ute, Stefan, Yves and I decided to drive to Greifenburg in the evening. Even though we only had one day, it looked like it would be worth it. At noon we could take off, and for the first time this year I could climb up to 3000m! What a feeling, especially on a day with clear air and about 50km visibility.
I was flying with Hans Kiefinger and Semmo, together we flew along Annaschutzhaus and crossed over to Zettersfeld in Lienz. There our flights parted. Semmo went south towards Italy while Hans and I were fascinated with the view of Grossglockner, the king of Austria´s mountains. Since the valley breeze always reaches very high in the Matrei valley, I stayed high and flew quite far in the back of the high range. When I was north of Rotenkogel at 3600m and felt 23km/h southwesterly winds pushing me towards the main ridge of the alps, my heart was beating with joy and excitement. Carefully I went further and further north, staying as high as I could to avoid turbulence, until I could look into the Pinzgau valley.
Now or never, so I dove across the range with the majestic Grossglockner to my right. Cloudbase was just at it´s top, so not as high as you would wish for. ooops- now I just heard that my new sail arrived, I have to leave and drive to Graz to pick it up, put it on my glider and enjoy the brand new Litespeed 3.5 s in world championship shape! sorry guys, I promise I will write the full story later.

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