25 Juli 2007

The big flight, part 2

Once I got up to 3600m and was nearly at the main ridge, with a small cloud street in front of me, I thought now or never. The southwester pushed me across to the Pinzgau side and I even found some decent lift again, calm enough to take some photos with my mobile phone and send a text message to my friend so he knew he could start driving north now. Soon his answer came and I was grateful for such a perfect day.
IN Pinzgau, there were not many clouds around, but a sailplane showed me the next lift which took me up high enough to at least make it to Kitzbuehel. I got really low there, but since there are huge, perfect landing fields and it´s on the way home anyway, I didnt mind too much. When I found the perfect spot to land and had just opened my harness, I caught a bit of lift again. Hm, I stayed in it, and it turned into a great 3m up, in the middle of the valley, just in front of Wilder Kaiser. Up at 2700m I decided it is time to head further north, since I could see some nice clouds out in the Koessen valley.
It was easy to cross Hochries, I had a look at the landing field, then I turned west to find a nice place to land close to my friends car. In Brannenburg, just next to the Autobahn, I found the perfect spot,, and it even had a big tree in it so I could pack up the glider in the shade.
Later I found out that it was 151km that I flew, over some of the most spectacular, scenic mountains of the European Alps. The flight of my dreams had come true!

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