22 Januar 2007


We finished the Bogong Cup early on Saturday. After a lot of pilots had left already, we hoped for a last flight, but the wind was way too strong, more than 100km/h at Mt Hotham. So Heather and Carol handed out the awards around 2pm. Lukas won, and I also got a nice trophy for having won the womens ranking.

Wish I could have stayed longer, but I drove back to Sydney with Chris Jones (one of the new really good Aussie pilots who will probably be on the national team at the worlds in Texas)- just wanted to make sure that he gets back safely, since his wife is pregnant and due on Australia day, Jan. 26th. In Sydney, Vicki generously invited me to stay with her again, even though she already had about 7 people and two dogs staying at her house... Gerolf returned to Sydney from the flying adventure in Manilla, so I was able to stay at his place. Nevertheless, we joined the big Sunday family dinner at Bills place in Bronte Beach. Incredible, this family! They already had about 6 greatgrandchildren running around, plus all their other 20 family members, plus the Austrian national team, and us!!! Tables in front of their house, and jealous eyes on our plates from people walking past (legendary marinara pasta, salads, fruit salad, pavlova... ). Thanks for making all us pilots feeling so much at home in your country, in your house, thanks to Molly and Bill, to Vicki, Greg and all the other Moyes family members!

And this only a few days after Bill Moyes got back from hospital. They implanted a pacemaker (I dont know whether thats to turn his heartrate up or down...) and he was already running away from hospital one day after the operation! My luck that he is not allowed to swim for about 2 weeks, cause the water is freezing, about 15 C at the Sydney beaches at the moment. I wish him a fast recovery! He will come out to the next worlds in Texas to help towing, getting people into the air.

This afternoon, I try to head back to Germany through Vienna with Austrian Airlines. Hope there is a seat for me on their flight. My flatmate Mark already told me that our roof is ok and the flat wasnt affected by the storm they had. Sorry for not having written in English for so long, I hope to find the time again to do both German and English in the future.

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Karin hat gesagt…

Gratulations for winning thy womens-throphy!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thx for the english! YOu are more worldly than most of us! Peter Kelley

h1j2l3 hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Corinna,

ich habe eben einen Bericht über Dich im ZDF gesehen und war beeindruckt!!
Ich bin leider noch nie geflogen, aber ich würde es gern mal versuchen.
Ich reise eigentlich immer nur mit Bahn, Bus und Schiff, dann sieht man ja auch viel mehr und aus der Nähe, he he.
Ich mache Musik und es würde mich freuen mal einen Eintrag von Dir im Gästebuch meiner Band zu lesen!!!
Wir wohnen alle in Hamburg.
Ich habe echt selten eine so schöne Frau gesehen!!


Liebe Grüße,