10 September 2021

Meeting Alvaro Soler at Porsche Open Space IAA 2021

After a great little flight high above Rauschberg with my friend Giergl, I managed to get back to the Porsche Open Space in time to enjoy a live unplugged concert of singer/songwriter Alvaro Soler. Since Rebi and I always play his songs in our car when we drive to our hang gliding adventures, it was fantastic to experience how powerful his live performance is!!! Man, I missed concerts so much, and didn´t even realize that until yesterday. 

Talking with respect and curiosity about other cultures when traveling, mentioning how important it is to learn foreign languages, Alvaro spoke from my heart.  I love it when people stay modest and grounded despite their talent and success - because really, aren´t we just luckier than many others that we got the chance to live our dreams?


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