21 Oktober 2016

Repairing rat damage on my harness or How good is tape?

Arriving in Coolangatta, it was a very warm welcome by my friend Sue. She and I waited for Niki Longshore to arrive. In the morning, she had missed the check-in time of her flight (45 minutes before take off) just by two minutes (turning off to the domestic terminal, we got stuck in bad traffic), and Tiger Air just would not let her on. They asked for more money and put her on a flight four hours later.
Sue took us to Canungra, where Niki is staying with Rory and his team, while I´m staying in Glen´s and Nadine´s beautiful 'tree house'.

As a naive European living in a city, I didn´t realize that rats even get into houses in Sydney to find food. When I left my harness with Craig, I had put some dried organic foods into the harness cause I knew I wouldn´t have a car when coming back to go around and find things before heading up for Canungra. Mistake!
The rats ate their way through my harness bag and ate all foods. Thankfully Craig cleaned it up before RT brought my harness over yesterday! Luckily I didn´t leave a fruit bar in any of the harness bags, like Gabor did - they went right through his harness too, Billy repaired it this morning. Funny how we both had the same trouble!!! Now how do you quickly repair a big whole like that? I just say: How good is tape?!! Patched on from both sides, it seems to be quite strong. Hopefully strong enoug before I get to Woody Valley to have my harness checked and the damage repaired.
Today it´s quite a northerly wind in Canungra, and neither Tambo nor Beechmont take off really cater for that direction. I am happy to take a day off to get everything prepared and set up for the start of the Canungra Classic tomorrow!

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