31 Oktober 2016

Canungra task 6: patience! And awards

Final results here! On the last day of the Canungra Classic, we set up on Tambo. Only Gecko Girl Niki got off the mountain, then the tail wind started. We decided to pack up around 12pm, go over to Beechmont and set up there again.
I was sweating when I was finally ready to start into the task, and didn´t quite make the first start gate at 14.15pm. Base was quite low and I had to drift-glide over the back of Beechmont, which is always a bit scary if your name is not Jonny.
Flying into the Kerry Valley, it was raining on my sail, so I tried to glide out to the foothills of Mt Mahomet. I saw many pilots down on the ground just there, but I found a tiny bit of lift. Couldn´t quite work it, and the wind picked up, so I landed in one paddock with Josh Woods showing me a beautiful wind sock - that way it was easy to pull off a perfect landing!
Back in Canungra, the HQ Hotel was already preparing for our event. A quick download, shower, getting my luggage ready, then over for the awards evening.

Jonny won the comp with Mic Jackson in second and Blenky in third. I won the women´s class with a 16th place overall, and Niki Longshore won sportsclass by a good margin.
Pilots, drivers and families had great dinner together at the Canungra Hotel. After that, Davo, Kenny and Tony G. started the awards ceremony, supported by beautiful Amy Rickertt. 
I left not too soon afterwards, as I was flying out early the next morning. Billy told me we were lucky, as the weather has turned horrible as soon as all the pilots left Canungra.
Can´t wait to get back next year, my favourite competition in the world!!!

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