11 Mai 2016

Hessenmeisterschaft flex, rigid and paragliding in Greifenburg

After the German Open, most pilots went home, as the weather forecast was marginal for more flying this week. I like my regional championships, it´s great to see the pilots I started flying with, and with every flight even in difficult conditions I learn more.
A big group of Russian pilots joined our FAI 1 comp, amongst them some their top ranked guys Sasha Serebrennikova, Anton Struganov and Konstantin Lukyanov.
The sky was overcast on our first task on Monday, but no weather hazards apart from weak lift, so we set a 63km task around 3 tp. I was racing together with the two Russians, only on final glide they cut me off.
Yesterday was cancelled due to rain, and also for today we expected the rain to start very early. We saw sun in the morning, so we went up to take off really early, set up, and I set a really small task of only 30km (I´m in the task/pilot´s committee), because it looked like we barely had 1,5 hours to play with when we started into to tast around noon. Luckily we are only 28 rigid and flex wing pilots, and about 22 pg pilots, so we were in the air pretty quickly.
Sasha got up very fast and started racing straight away, while today it took me a bit longer to find some decent lift on shaded Emberger Alm. Pretty soon, I started with Anton and Konstantin again. Like the day before, they left me behind on the last leg ;) But it was a fun little flight. Not long after we landed, the rain moved in from the southwest in is still hanging around. About half our field made goal, while only Dieter Müglich got around the 53km of the rigid task.
At goal in the lush green field of Weisach, I met some Russian friends again.
Tonight we will all have a pilots party at Fliegercamp, and it doesn´t really look like flying at all tomorrow, with storms and lots of rain on the forecast.

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