08 Mai 2016

German Open: Suan Selenati wins!

Primoz won the last task again with an amazing 10 minutes on the 2nd pilot, but as he had landed early in the 2nd task, Suan Selenati (ITA) won the international German Open ahead of my team mate Gerd Dönhuber. The awards will be at 10am.
I had quite a fast flight yesterday, averaging over 50km/h on a 103km triangle. It was enough to win the German Champion women´s title again!
In rigid class, Austrian Christopher Friedl won ahead of Tim Grabowski, but what I find amazing is Robert Bernat in 6th place (and 3rd best German pilot), an ex member of our paragliding national team. Within a year of flying rigid wing comps he got really good and he would be a great addition to make our team stronger at the worlds as well!
So big congrats to Suan for this big international title that he has earned with his great flying!

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