04 Mai 2016

German Open Day 1: Strong Foehn, day cancelled

At 8.30, Regina and Dieter started the opening briefing at the landing field of the camp site, head quarter of the German Open hang gliding 2016. An international field of 90 flex and rigid wing pilots is here to compete until Sunday.
During the briefing, a strong westerly picked up - the forecast was for a strong Foehn wind, a northerly up to 80 km/h had been measured at Sonnblick mountain while we were briefing, so we were a bit puzzled that the organizers were going to send us up. Lukas Bader and Martin from the Dutch team had been voted into the safety committee and talked to Regina and Dieter. Soon they cancelled the day, which also leaves the mud at take off some time to dry out when we go there tomorrow!
Some time to make an update of blog and fb, and time to talk about new, exciting projects with Matjaz!

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