07 Oktober 2015

Task 4: 101km to Palen Ck, border gate and Maroon Dam

Results here!
At briefing this morning, I got advice on how to fly better from a cheeky Kookaburra, the funny laughing bird of Australia. One of my favourite animals - they are brave and fast enough to eat snakes and even the notorious funnel web spiders!
His advice was good, as I got to fly over the goal line as 3rd pilot today, just after Paris and Attila! I thought Paris would have won the day, having gone ahead of everybody else all day, but as there are no leading points in this scoring this year, Attila, Glen and Jonny got more points as they had a faster flight time with a later start gate. 
It was great to see my team mates Nils and Craig also happy in goal after a great, scenic flight. Good task setting!

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Davis Straub hat gesagt…

Well, there are leading points in the sense that arrival time points are a stand in for leading points (if you make goal, which Paris did). He got the most "leading points" and "arrival position points" by getting the most arrival time points.

In looking at leading points in numerous competitions you'll see that the difference between what one pilot gets and another is often very small, a few points out of maybe 90 to 100 points. The spread in arrival position points is quite a bit larger.

Given that Paris took at earlier start time and arrived first to goal (but only three minutes ahead of Attila) I would think that he would get a few more points using GAP 2002 instead of OzGAP 2005, but not that much more.