06 Oktober 2015

Day 4: Tailwind on Beechmont and 60km to Rath

Results here!
Most of the time on Beechmont today, the wind was from the north - that means over the back. I´ve been waiting 1,5 hours in my harness to finally get some air I could lift off into. Poor Zupy waited in the boonies in front of launch to take great start photos. At least he was accompanied by a few snakes ;)
The first lift was quite rough and broken, but on the way to Palen Creek we found some smooth thermals up to 2000m, so our wait had been rewarded!
I flew with Adam Stevens, Guy Hubbard and Paris Williams most of the way, just in the end made a mistake and landed 3km short of goal. Craig was the best of our team today, he made goal as one of only 6 pilots and was 4th of the day, moving up into 13th overall, Im in 10th now and Nils is in 7th place!
Attila won the day and took the overall lead ahead of Blenky and Johny.

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