18 Mai 2014

Winner of the Dutch Open: Nils Vesk from Sydney!

I´m always happy when hang gliding friends from all over the world visit me in Germany - I am grateful for their hospitality and help when I travel all around the world, and Im very gladly returning what I can to make them feel at home and help them get into the air.
Last week Nils Vesk from Sydney arrived, excited to go hang gliding for the first time in Europe. He had a good training in Mexico at the worlds, and I knew that the friendly, lush landing fields and picturesque mountains of Greifenburg would look very inviting to him ;) Just the weather forecast kind of put a knot into my stomach, but Nils stayed all positive and smiling. I had to work this week, so I just helped him set up my glider and gear to head south.
When Nils saw the crisp new sail of my beautiful Moyes Litespeed 3,5 S, he was happy - Im sure he knew he would have good flights with that machine ;) I told him about some amazing performances I had at German Open and European Championships on that glider. Of course I told him ALL the secrets about Greifenburg flying that I had collected over the years.
On Monday, Nils had his first flight ever in Greifenburg, and in Europe - and he came 2nd of the day, just taking a careful last glide when finishing the task! Only one more day was flyable, and he flew the second furthest distance, and with that, won the Dutch Open overall!
Now I better ask Nils to teach me all HIS winning secrets when we will fly the German Open, starting next Friday also in Greifenburg!!!

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