24 Mai 2014

German Open Day 1: 138km around 2 turnpoints

After pitch measurements, other preparations and a lot of rain yesterday in Greifenburg in the evening, we were greeted by a sunny, good looking forecast for today. Lots of really good XC pilots turned up at Emberger Alm, which is always a sign for a good flying day!
The first task was set to 138km around 2 turnpoints, with a slightly larger radius around the last turnpoint for the flex wings and a smaller one for the 35 (!) rigid wing pilots.
It was fun to get on course, cloud base was around 2700m already at launch, and climbing higher towards our furthest turnpoint in Toblach. In a light southerly, it was even possible to fly along the south side of Lienzer Dolomiten today!
When I arrived at goal at 4.30pm, it was still life everywhere, so I decided to go to Radlberger Alm and just enjoy the beautiful, smooth evening air for a while. Goal was packed with about 25 rigid and 30 flex wings, so I decided to land on the other side at the Thaler field. Nils, also in goal but at the camp, had already packed up and came over to help me get back to HQ to download my track.
What an epic start into the largest German Open since a long time - 90 competitors from 10 different countries, amongst them even the Turkish national team!
Congratulations to Tim Grabowski who won the rigid task, and to Rolan Wöhrle who was 1st in flex class!

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