14 Oktober 2012

Sebastian wins, Felix goes Stratos at 12:00 UTC

Sebastian Vettel won the F1 race in Korea ahead of his team mate Mark Webber - now he is in the lead overall again, having pushed Alonso back on 2nd place! With 4 more races to go (India, Abu Dhabi, Austin and Brazil) and 6 points ahead of Alonso, it is going to be an interesting end of the season! I hope I can go to Sao Paulo and send some twitters live from Interlagos!

In Roswell, Felix and his team are preparing for another possibility of his Stratos world record attempt today. In less than 4 hours, they are planning to start the balloon with Felix Baumgartner into the stratosphere. Watch it live on Servus TV or on N-TV!

What a big day for Red Bull! All Red Bull athletes hope for the best for Felix - and I guess most of us will be a bit jealous that Felix will be the only man on earth who ever went supersonic in free fall! I love to be a part of this group of courageous athletes and to have a sponsor who helps us persue and realize our dreams, no matter how unusual or impossible they seem.

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