05 Oktober 2012

Coming home

Even if I love all the travelling, it is always nice to come back home to Bremen. The city is relaxed, with a lot of parks and gardens. The weather is often, like today, gray, raining, and like you see with the smoke on the photo, there is often a "fresh breeze".
But it is also the home to my favourite soccer club Werder Bremen. Home to the "Famous Four" Bremer Town Musicians. Home to Coffee. And I can warmly recommend the museum "Bremer Kunsthalle" - a fantastic collection. Picasso"s "Sylvette" in black and white is my all time favourite here.
You will find many people in the city who can speak Spanish, as there is a long tradition of coffee, cotton and tobacco trading with central and South America. And as an old city of the "Hanse", Bremen kept this attitude of being open to the world. I feel lucky that I could learn Spanish at school, even before French and Latin - not many schools in the south of Germany offer that variety.
I really recommend to visit this lovely little place, it is very different to most other places you can see in the world. Maybe a mix between Norway (in terms of architecture and people) and New Zealand (in terms of fronts passing through every day;)) describes Bremen a little bit!

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