19 April 2012

RX3 in Greifenburg

From Sunday April 29 to May 6th I will be in Greifenburg and fly the Hessenmeisterschaft. I will bring the RX3, and if you are a lightweight pilot like me, you can testfly this great small new glider!
In Australia, Kathryn is flying to one goal after the other, she is doing extremely well in the Dalby competition on her Moyes RX3: Dalby results
Kathryn´s blog
It is fun to cruise around in a machine with great handling. Easy to fly and very fast! Unfortunately the weather here in Europe has not quite turned on to big XC yet, but soon in May we should get some big flights.
During the German Open at Tegelberg from May 15th to May 20th you have another chance for testflying the RX3!

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Cessna 152 Performance and Specifications hat gesagt…

Wow! It's great see also women compete in the world of aviation. This shows equality among people. Whether man or woman, both can do great things in flight and in every field. Great job Corinna!