30 April 2012

No task but test flight with some rain

This morning we picked up Matjaz, went up Emberger Alm and optimistically set up our gliders even though the sky was grey. We waited and socialized, a lot of pilots were interested in the new small Moyes wing, and I was happy to show them. It went darker and the west wind on launch started kicking in, so after 13.30, the day was cancelled. I decided to fly down hopefully before the rain came over into the Drau Valley.
It is truely an international competition, with Suan Selenati (Ita), Matjaz Clemencic, a few Austrians and even Russians! Not bad at all for our usually small regional "Hessenmeisterschaft" - also the German League has entered the comp, so we have about 55 pilots and quite a good field this time.
I had to wait quite a while on launch for a little bit of not too crossing wind and eventually had a really great take off - the new a frame helps me a lot to lift the base bar higher above the ground.
Sure enough, some rain moved in and my sail got a bit wet. On top, there was no wind when I came in for landing... I did a big flare and the wing stalled perfectly, two steps and I was smiling!
While waiting for pick up, I helped a young pilot, Max from Switzerland, to tune his sail symmetrically. Looks nice now, it should fly straight as.
Also important - I got an Austrian mobile phone card so I can twitter and go online whereever I take off and land, because Gerolf complained that the reports about comps were not fast enough online lately. Well I wasn´t in Florida, but over here, I will try my best to keep you informed about tasks and results as fast as possible... but it is true, it was much easier in Australia to get an internet connection through my iphone and keep people updated, over here you always have to adjust the whole settings in the phone... Im trying!

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