29 April 2012

Hessenmeisterschaft Greifenburg, Day 1

Yesterday I was filming a funny teaser for Red Bull Flugtag which will be in 4 weeks, on May 28th in Mainz Zollhafen. As soon as the film is online, I will link it for you!
After that, I drove to Greifenburg where the Hessenmeisterschaft was supposed to start today. I thought on the southern side of the main ridge of the alps, the wind would calm down, but when I was driving, I already felt that the southerly was quite extreme also after the Tauern tunnels.
Currently we see a 116km/h wind at Sonnblick which is about 60 km away from our take off mountain Emberger Alm. Already yesterday people complained about a lot of turbulence, so I guess they will call the day for safety reasons.

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