02 Juli 2011

Mexico D.F., Timezone GMT - 5

Last Thursday, a standby week started for me. Always fun, not knowing where you will go, but also stress, as they can call you from 5 am to midnight... not much sleep the night before. Anyway I was lucky and got a flight to Mexico City! It is hard work to fly 12 hours and run 12 hours (full flight and rarely anybody in economy sleeps), but the Mexican passengers are very greatful - Im usually completely wasted when we arrive around 9pm local time, 4am German time at the hotel, but with a smile in my face, knowing that our effort was appreciated!
Lots and lots of rain when we landed, luckily it stopped yesterday, just some drizzle here and there. Yet not good enough to go to Valle for a flight, so I have time to meet friends here in the City. I will meet Aldo Rohlfs, a hang glider pilot, singer, song writer and film producer - lazy for me, as Aldo speaks German. We will go to the great Merced market and shop for some of my local favourites - blue corn tortillas and Nopal, the cactus leaves. Very tasty and healthy, and you won´t find that in Germany. It is a great atmosphere there, not many tourists, just locals. I will post some photos later!
I will definitely be back in the end of January, when the Monarch butterflies are back (with all that rain now I know why they run away in summer...) and when they will have the Superfinal of the Paragliding World Cup in Valle de Bravo!

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