28 Juli 2011

Chrigel Maurer wins Red Bull Xalps!

Swiss paraglider pilot Chrigel Maurer rocks! Also on the his last day of the Red Bull Xalps race, he performs an incredible flight and completes the last passage into Monaco like a bird, toplands on Peille take off and shares the joy of the flight down to goal with his supporter of the 12 days, Thomas Theurillat. For sure he gave the spectators one of his superb acro shows in the end of this exhausting trip across the whole range of the European alps.
Many high profile pilots of hang gliding and paragliding who do a lot of cross country flying have been following this race fascinated by Chrigels skill to find the best possible route of the day - and to even fly in what we "average" people consider as completely unflyable conditions! Chapeau, Monsieur Maurer, for winning your 2nd Xalps title in a row! In terms of talent, skill, yet modesty you are in one league with the greatest guys of aviation history I know, Chris Müller and Guido Gehrmann.
And thanks for the great photos, diary notes and "air messages" as a tribute to your followers - highly appreciated! I wonder if "pedestrians" have a clue of what this accomplishment means, of crossing the highest peaks of Europe just with solar and wind power, working with the surprises of nature by using just a piece of fabric and some thin ropes... Mate, you are legend!
Two of my friends are still fighting to get to Monaco, as the race only finishes two days after the first pilot arrives - Michael Gebert (Germany) and Heli Eichholzer (Austria) still have a chance to get there. Maybe Chrigel could help them?

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