27 Juli 2011

Cucco Day 9: South take off

They are heading up to take off for a briefing at 11.30, but the weather forecast predicts another frontal system with rain and storms pretty soon, there might not be enough time to fly a task today.
Results after yesterdays flight: 1. Alex, 2. Christian, 3. Primoz! Japanese pilot Koji Daimon is ranked 4th, he showed a really strong performance in Italy. Elio (not a surprise) in 5ht and Manfre (big surprise - nearly 200 points behind Alex!) in 6ht. Andre is 7th and Gerd in 10th place. First time I ever remember that there are more Germans in the top 10 than Austrians and French!
Teams: 1. Italy, 2. France, 3. Austria. Team Germany ranks 9th, but with less than 100 points to the British on 4th place, a lot can change if there is another task or two!
11.55: The day is cancelled as the front and rain is approaching too fast.

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