22 Januar 2009

Last day in Mt Beauty

Wind speeds today made the decision easy: The day is cancelled, awards party tonight at 7pm at Settlers Tavern. Time to pack my gear and get ready to leave very early tomorrow morning to catch the flight out of Sydney tomorrow afternoon. I so wish I had another week or two to stay a bit longer in Sydney. I enjoyed this trip and the flying very much and I hope I can come back soon.
Thanks for all the support over here, thanks to Moyes for a great, fast little glider that is fun to fly, thanks to Red Bull, Adidas, Timezone and Icebreaker for perfectly suited equipment, and, most of all, thanks to Heather and Carol who again put a huge effort into organizing the Bogong Cup. Thanks to my team, especially to our driver Michael who helped me a lot with carrying my glider to take off! It was his first comp as a driver, and I think maybe not his last. He is one of Curt Warren´s hanggliding students, and Im sure he will be competing soon.
I just wish Australia was around the corner and I could meet my friends more often. Lucky that every now and then I have a good excuse to come to Australia because I "have to fly a competition". Can´t wait for Canungra!

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