21 Januar 2009

Bogong Day 8: 80kms around 3 turnpoints

Just a short blog, more later when we know the results - yes, we flew today! We went up Tawonga gap take off, as there was a total fire ban at Mystic, which means it would have been extremely difficult to access. Both Jonny´s and Davis` weather models suggested that there would be no rain, so no overdevelopment in our area today. And they were right!
Cameron Turnbridge went as wind tech and told us about conditions, and at 12 I took off as well. Not my favourite launch, because it has high trees to both sides. The wind was coming up, so I started. Once in the air, I found lift, but also quite a strong northwester. Hard work going up the Kiewa in headwind. I remember that from the women´s worlds here years ago. So I stayed patient and always went up as high as possible. Running Creek was our first turnpoint, then coming back to a bridge a few kms north of Coral bank, then out to Dederang - and then I got low. Harness already open, I found some lift in the trees, it smelled like eukalypt! so it must go up ;) and it did. Slowly I worked my way up to enough height to fly to goal. I expected the cracks already there and was surprised that we were the first five in - Ben Dunn, Pedro, Blay, Tony Lowry and me. Mind you, quite a few people took the 2nd start time, I took the first at 1 pm. But it means I might stay in the top ten!
Unfortunately, Jonny, Oli and Lukas didnt make it into goal today (and Gerolf had already left as he thought we would not be flying today) - they tried the fast route through the valley. Jonas said he flew straight to goal as he got low after gliding out from take off.
Will be interesting to see the results of today.
Forecast for tomorrow looks dark, but Im happy that I had another flight in that sweet Litespeed 3,5 s that everybody loves - Blenky, Michi and Blay did well in it, it must have really good Karma. I wish I could take the bird home with me!

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