20 Januar 2009

Another stinking hot day in the Kiewa Valley - temperatures went up to 40 degrees again today! This morning at briefing time, a great lenticular formed above Mt Bogong, and the day was cancelled due to windspeeds of 70 km/h. At midday, the first clouds started exploding, and soon after we had thunder, sandstorms and a bit of hail.
For tomorrow, there is a slight chance of a very short flight, but also predictions for showers and storms starting at midday. Today the big clouds moved over from Bright, usually they overdevelop on the Emu range first. Thursday again looks quite desperate. Michi, Robert and Elmar already left for Sydney. They were all really keen on fishing over here, but Robert was the only one who had managed to catch a decent size trout. Maybe they are looking for bigger fish in the ocean now? Before they left, Robert gave me a collection of his photos - one of them is the funny parrot. These parrots visited the Austrian house every morning and checked them out.
Oli proposed to delay next years Bogong Cup into March and combine it with Forbes or Corryong. Later in the year the weather mellows out and is not as extreme as at the moment when we are hit by frontal systems and trough lines every other day.
I really hope that the guys who are at Valle de Bravo for the paragliding World Championships have better luck with their weather!

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