23 April 2015

Working out

Spring has finally arrived in Europe, and it was fun to work out in the nice, sunny weather. I grabbed some warmth in Munich and took it up north to my friends in Oslo - seemed like the whole city was outside on Sunday, enjoying the first day of spring. Norway is such a beautiful place outside of winter!
Then I went home to Bremen and was happy that my Dad accepted my help shifting some wood around. There was a wall of wood that had to be moved under a roof so it can dry out. It feels great to do some "weight training" for a good reason :)
It´s about time to be fit, as the Wings for Life World Run Event is barely a week away! I will run in Munich - and it is sold out in Munich and Darmstadt too! 7000 people in Germany alone donated with their entry fees and will run for the good cause on May 3rd. It´s more than twice as big as last year :) I will keep you posted about the run in Munich, guess Jonny will run either in Australia or the US, Jamie, Matjaz, many of my friends join in different places in the world, and it´s nice to know that we are running at exactly the same time!

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